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Springdale Mennonite Church
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The Springdale Library is full of a variety of entertainment options for the whole family. Check out books for 3 weeks, or videos and DVDs for 1 week. 

Books range from picture books for preschool children to chapter books for older kids to novels, historical accounts and reference materials for adults of all interests. We also stock the most recent editions of a number of Mennonite and other Christian periodicals.  The library is self-service, so you are welcome to check out items even when there is no Library Committee member available. 

The Springdale Library News contains information about recent additions to the library and reviews of items written by church members. 

Library Factoids:

  • The Library was started with a $350 donation from the savings account of Richard Nelson Driver when he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1941. His mother, Maud was appointed as librarian and served from 1943-1961.
  • By April 6, 1944, the library was ready for use with 232 books. 
  • By February 1959, the number had grown to 941 books. 
  • In February of 1959, a massive fire unfortunately destroyed the library. Thirty books were checked out at the time and survived.
  • Today there are over 2,500 books, 180 videos and 40 DVDs with more being added every month!