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Springdale’s School for Christian Living (SFCL) grows out of an understanding of the church as the place where people are equipped and sent to follow Jesus as modern-day disciples. Each class aims to be:

  • Rooted in the Bible with an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective
  • Practical and applicable to the lives of Christians
  • Creative and interesting to provide a stimulating learning experience
  • An environment that cultivates spiritual growth through the church.


SFCL meets twice a year (fall and winter) for six consecutive Wednesdays.

School for Christian Living

Winter 2018



The first evening will focus on First Aid skills appropriate for children or youth.  All ages are encouraged to participate.  Gene Ramsey, Kim Powell and a couple of eager Boy Scouts will lead the one-hour session.  The remaining evenings will include a combination of Bible teaching, first aid training and/or recreation.




January 31:  First Aid Refresher


During this one-evening special event, Dr. Steve Mumbauer will give basic training on the use of the church’s defibrillator (AED).  Come learn with your Springdale family how to use this small piece of equipment that can save lives.  Invite your friends!


February 7, 14, 21, 28 and March 7:

“Monday through Friday Faith”

Resource Person:  YOU


Every one of us wrestles with how to take the things we experience on Sunday and live them out M-F:  Can I talk about Jesus at work?  What do I do when my employer asks me to fudge the books, sell someone something they don’t really need, or look the other way?  How do my farming or business practices impact the environment, my customers, and my employees?  How can I care for my neighbors in the retire-ment community, be actively involved in church, and volunteer at my favorite non-profit while also maintaining my own physical and emotional health?  What does “M-F Faith” look like in my context?


Each week we will have two - three volunteers share about how you live out your faith during an average day of an average week (at your job, in your business, with your children, or in your daily retirement routine):

  • Tell a story or two about a time when your faith impacted your daily routine;
  • Share a scripture verse or story that guides you in your work;
  • Share about a moral or ethical dilemma you faced, and invite input on possible responses; and/or
  • Ask a question you’d like to hear responses to related to your M-F world.


If you would be willing to take a turn sharing about your “M-F Faith,” please talk to Alan Shenk or Pastor Kevin.   

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