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Springdale has Sunday School classes for everyone age 3 through 103 (or more). Classes meet from 9:30 am to 10:15 am each Sunday morning.

For information on primary and youth Sunday School programs, see Primary Department Children and Junior High & High School Youth.

Springdale generally offers 3 to 4 adult Sunday School classes and anyone is welcome.  For details, please see the right hand side of this page.




September through November 2017



49ers’ Class – Uniform Series

Classroom #2                                                                                                         

Teacher: Bob Fritz

God has made major covenants with people on behalf of the earth and the human community.  Beginning with Noah, God promises benevolence toward creation.  Similar commitments were made with Abram, Phinehas and Ezekiel.  Ultimately, the covenant forms the foundation for the coming Messiah and salvation for the world.  Unit 1 of this study celebrates four signs of God’s covenant from Genesis through Ezekiel.  Unit 2 examines covenants in Genesis, Exodus, 2 Samuel and Nehemiah that illustrate God’s partnership with people who respond and obey God’s voice.  Unit 3 draws from covenants recorded in Numbers, 1 Samuel, Jeremiah, Hebrews and 1 Corinthians to study the components of the covenant God makes with the priest Phinehas, and the divine promise to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah.





Message Study

Sewing Room                                                                                                         

Teacher: Alan Shenk

This class will study the Scripture passage presented by the pastor each Sunday.  The verses are listed on the back of the bulletin from the previous Sunday.  This class is intended to supplement the pastor’s teaching and look at the passage in a participatory setting.






The Cost of Discipleship

(by Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Fellowship Hall                                                                                             

Teacher: Joshua Fairfield

This class will continue to explore Dietrich Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship. This classic text covers Bonhoeffer's careful examination of The Sermon on the Mount and what it takes to follow Christ in a society that increasingly equates Christianity with the institutions of power. Written during the rise of Nazi Germany, and eventually at the cost of the author's own life, The Cost of Discipleship establishes the basic principle that grace is free, but it does not come cheaply. Discipleship comes at a cost, and it is one that Bonhoeffer lays out in a passionate and compelling book.



You are invited to participate in any of these classes.